Business Planning Workshops:

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Are you ready to transform your team's performance and drive business success? Our 2-day offsite planning workshop is designed to help you achieve just that. Our expert facilitators will guide your team through a comprehensive program that covers the development of vision and values, ways of working, business planning, change agility and resilience.

Dr Karen Whittingham. MAPS, PhD, M.Management. 

What Outcomes You Can Expect

Our workshop is carefully crafted to provide a collaborative and engaging experience for your team. Each Workshop is bespoke and designed just for you. Here's what you can expect:

Actionable Plans

Team plans linked to the department or company plan. KPI's that are sensible, measurable and realistic. A confident team committed to the KPI's.

A Record of Events

A collection of photos and collateral that can be used by your department to communicate the work it does to others.

A Summary Report 

A detailed report outlining the key takeaways, action items, and recommendations for implementing the outcomes of the workshop.

The experience you can expect

Our workshop is carefully crafted to provide a collaborative and engaging experience for your team.

Here's what you can expect: 


Our team will work closely with you to understand your organisation's goals and objectives, ensuring that the workshop is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Agenda Development 

We'll create a detailed agenda that outlines the objectives, activities, and expected outcomes for the workshop. We will work with you to develop it and test it before we run it.

Expert Facilitation

Our two experienced facilitators will lead the workshop, ensuring that all participants are engaged, motivated and confident throughout the process. Your lead facilitator is Dr Karen Whittingham.

Vision & Values Development

We'll help your team define a clear vision and set of values that align with your organisation's objectives. We will guide your team in identifying and adopting effective ways of working that foster collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

Linked Business Planning

We'll help you connect your team's plan to other relevant business plans across the organization, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals and objectives. We will help you set KPIS that are specific, actionable and achievable.

Change Agility and Resilience

We'll provide guidance on how to build change agility and resilience within your team, ensuring that you're equipped to navigate the challenges of your rapidly changing environment. We will help you foster, confidence, positivity and optimism.

Team Building Activities to Drive Creativity and Engagement

To keep your team engaged and motivated, we've incorporated a range of fun and interactive team building activities into the workshop, including:

Creative Problem-Solving Exercises

Encourage creative thinking and collaboration with our interactive problem-solving exercises.

Innovative Idea Generation

Foster innovation and idea generation with our interactive brainstorming sessions.

FUN, Collaborative Games

Build, trust teamwork and communication with our engaging collaborative games.

Reflective Debriefing Sessions

Encourage reflection and learning with our guided debriefing sessions.

Why Choose Our Workshop?

Our 2 day offsite planning workshop offers a unique opportunity for your team to come together, reflect on their performance, and develop a clear plan for achieving their goals. Our expert facilitators will provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that your team leaves the workshop feeling motivated, inspired, and equipped to drive business success.

Invest in Your Team's Success

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your team's performance and drive business success. Contact us today to learn more about our 2-day offsite planning workshop and how it can benefit your organization.

The Anchor Facilitator

About Karen.

Dr Karen Whittingham is an experienced facilitator, keynote speaker and organisational psychologist. An ex-senior executive herself, she knows what it takes to start the team off clearly, keep the team on track and maintain engagement. She does it with a great sense of humor and a heavy dose of 'how it really is'.  You can expect a collaborative and engaging approach to the program and to the event itself .

Our Team of Facilitators

Phillip Hayston

MBA, Coach

Phillip is a Company Secretary, previous COO, Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and a volunteer crisis support worker with Lifeline. Phillip brings the smarts to your teams plans while driving individual confidence - delivered in his engaging style!

Lt. Col. SaraH Watson

Organisational Psychologist, Coach

Sarah is an Organisational and Military Psychologist with extensive experience in taking a strengths based approach to supporting teams. Can you think of anyone better to help you deal with your challenging environment?

Amy Kersey

Actor, Coach

Amy is a professional actor, trainer and master coach. You may have seen her in 'Doctor, Doctor' or in TV ads for some of Australias iconic brands. She brings fun, spontaneity and inclusion to these events as well as her expertise in communication.

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