Here is why you should consider 
Executive Coaching


These are the 6 ways FORBES says an Executive Coach can make you more successful

and what you can expect when you choose coaching with me

See yourself more clearly


Insight and Self Awareness

The first step in any self development is gaining insight. I work with you to help you see yourself the ways others see you. We review your strengths, your skills and any derailing behaviours that might be holding you back. We can also assess you  using valid and reliable assessments

See others more clearly


Emotional Intelligence & Awareness of Others

When you understand others motivations, behaviors, attitudes and values, you can more accurately communicate your intentions and needs. I work with you to explain the main models of EI and to develop your emotional awareness of others at work.

Learn new ways to respond.

Hack Yourself 

Build a Positive and Productive Mindset

Most managers and executives keep doing the same things that got them promoted - this is a MAJOR mistake. Often you have to change the way you approach problems and people. As a psychologist, I can help you hack your mindset for success and change limiting behaviours as well as self limiting beliefs.

Leverage your existing strengths.


Let your inner Unicorn fly

 Most managers and coaches work on your failings and weaknesses. They fail to understand that your strengths are your superpower. They are what make you unique and invaluable. I help you leverage your strengths and capabilities so  you can emphasise these at work and get you noticed for the great contributions you make.

Build more productive relationships


Drive.. Know you, Like you, Trust you

Everyone will tell you that networking is important, but what they don't tell you is that building trust and authenticity is the key. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, I work with you to develop the "Know, you, Like you, Trust you" relationships that build your Executive presence and Brand within your circle of influence and the important influencer's of your senior executive team.

Achieve what you want


Implement changes for now and into the future

It's all fine and good to know these things and to learn, but a great coach will ensure you develop short and longer term goals, and build a strong development plan that lives on after the coaching sessions are completed. I work with you to put together actionable plans that you can start on immediately and ensure that medium and long term development actions are also considered.




You should check that your coach is qualified for the job. They should have some coaching or counselling qualifications. Organisational Psychologists for example, have special expertise in organisational behaviour and because of this, you can be sure that the coach has had some training in working with people to develop new skills, mindsets and personal change. Does the coach you are thinking of using have any management qualifications? Do they know what is best practice in your area of expertise? Sales, Marketing, IT, General Management? Finance? There is a good chance you need someone who has both the capacity to coach as well someone with management qualifications.


Does the coach you are considering have any real life experience at senior management level? Have they lead teams?, Have they ever been responsible for large budgets? Writing or presenting board papers? Where do they stand on that? How about developing strategy? or influencing others at a distance? Have they coached C- level execs or SES level government staff.


Have you met your proposed coach? If you have not met the person you are thinking of using as a coach then you need a chemistry meeting! A chemistry meeting will help you to see if you are a good fit for one another. You should consider more than one coach and you should meet them all, even if it is only virtually. Ask the coach you're considering the following questions: What can I expect from you as a coach? What will you expect from me? What happens if there is a conflict of interest? 

Karen is an Organisational Psychologist, Facilitator and Speaker. She has a PhD from Sydney University and a Masters degree in Management from MGSM. She also teaches part time in the school of Psychology at UNSW.

She is a recovering executive who spends her time helping others build the lives they want, the work life balance they deserve and surround themselves with the people, processes and products that help to them get there. 

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