Strategic planning


Managers often lack the ability to plan their business units strategically. They often fail to see how their work plans link to the business and fail to decide on which activities to pursue over others. They often fail to define measurable and specific outcomes relevant to the business too. We can help your leaders do the things they are supposed to do – define a direction, communicate it to the team and measure its success.


This practical workshop covers the basics of traditional strategic planning, including, PESTEL, SWOT and competitive reviews. It teaches managers how to write performance goals and design KPI measures for effective implementation (and interpretation by others). The workshop concludes with managers reviewing annual reports and business plans for their organisation and writing their own linked unit business plans.


We can also work with you and your managers to build team plans and department-wide plans that have Impact and deliver Outcomes against your priority areas. Book a meeting with Karen to discuss this. 

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