Boost Employee Performance

If you have an individual or a team whose performance you want to improve, congratulations. You probably picked the right people to begin with. NOW we will show you how to take them further. 

Come along to our one day
Boost Employee Performance Course

Our Action Packed course will teach you how to reach your KPI's and improve Engagement

Discover and Unlock Motivational Forces

Duration: 1 hour

Discover the underlying forces at play in employee motivation and bust the myth that you can boost performance with a pay rise.

Use Neuroscience to Push Motivational Levers

Duration: 1 hour

We will show you how to use neuroscientific principles to increase motivation and engagement in your employees "RIGHT NOW"

Why building TRUST is number 1

Duration: 1 hour

Here we learn how to build trust in every interaction with employees, so when it comes to that difficult conversation, it doesn't feel hard.

Getting to the heart of performance

Duration: 1 hour

Learn why connection is important and how to build your emotional intelligence and courage. Great feedback is uplifting.

Micro skills for active listening

Duration: 45m

We teach you the micro skills that counsellors use to listen to employees actively. We show you how to hold your opinions until the right time and how to let your people and your teams know 'you have their back'.

Stop doing thing that are making it worse

Duration: 30m

We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect feedback conversation - but there are ways to start conversations off on the right foot. We help you identify and fix the mistakes you're making now. We also teach you a much much better way.

Cheat Sheets and worksheets

Total: 4

We have cheat sheets and worksheets that will help you plan your feedback and engagement conversations. Never again, feel like you're underprepared.

Use what you learn straight away

Now and Forever

You will feel empowered, courageous and knowledgeable when you leave this course. Frequently we hear people saying: "This was so great. I can use this at work tomorrow".

About us

Dr Karen Whittingham

Organisational Psychologist, Coach, Trainer

Karen is the Emperor of Enthusiasm. She drives the pace and engagement in the workshop and is responsible for the delivery, skills based content and workshop design. Karen ensures that the workshop has practical application. You won't forget Karen's Keepers: the AHA moments and timely tools you take away.

Amy Kersey

Actor, Coach, Trainer

Amy is the Agent of Interaction. She brings Fun to our Facts and plays with our participants in skills practice. You won't be sitting down all day in this workshop ! You will be learning to improvise and building courage.  Importantly, you won't forget the skills you develop when you are learning them in the four 'Action with Amy' components of this course.

Every ticket comes with a post course Coaching session!

When you buy a ticket and complete this course, you will be eligible to book a 30 minute coaching session with Karen. You can use the time walk through a difficult conversation that you need to have with a staff member or do some more practice on one of the valuable skills you learned in the class.

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